Wool tops merino

White 16mic. ExtraFine, Australian tops, 50gr.

Weight: 0.05 kgs per item
34 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "White 16mic. ExtraFine, Australian tops, 50gr." is 2.

Australian tops 16 micron, Extra Fine.
Color: snow white.
Suitable for wet and dry felting. Nunofelting.
Finest and best possible quality wool.
Unbeatable price!
Minimum order quantity is 2 pieces.
Изключително фин и мек като памук!
Нежнейшая шерстка! Высочайшее качество, бережная упаковка.
Спасибо, делаю заказ повторно, отличная шерсть, прекрасные оттенки, оперативные ответы!
wonderful as always thank you so much
Отличная шерсть! 16 мкрн - просто нежнейшая!!!
успехов вам и процветания!
Quite possibly the softest roving I have ever felt. It's super easy to spin from, and I can't wait to use the yarn I made for my next project
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