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Viscose for felting

Viscose V-34, 500gr.

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Italian viscose fiber for felting and nunofelting. Specially produced for felting and nunofelting purpose.

500g, 14-16 mic.

Soft, shiny. By touch the viscose fibers feels like silk. Felting viscose can be used with various types of wool.
In the finished product viscose gives a distinct shine and waviness.

Felt, evenly coated with viscose fibers, is more durabe to forming nepps and stretching.
Viscose has a silky shine and smoothness in the felted product.

The viscose is sold in hanks, which must be cut before use.
It allows you to get a unique effect, that can not be achieved with the use of viscose in a combed tape.

By itself, the viscose does not get felted.

Free samples available upon request.
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Received pretty fast - thank you very much and It is always a pleasure to receive present - thank you!
Gorgeous color : soft sensuous butter cream !
Awesome quality.
Super shine ...
Looking forward to blending this with wool.
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