Shoe Lasts

Shoe lasts, size EU 41 (US mens 8.5) NEW!

Weight: 1.90 kg per item
Out of stock
Pair of solid plastic shoe lasts, size EU 41.   US MENS 8.5
26.50 cm   (10 2/5 in)                            US WOMENS 9.5

BRAND NEW!  Multipurpose lasts shape - slippers, boots, shoe, sandals and etc. 

Shockproof, l.e can stand up the felting process.
Can be used in hot or boiling water, be hammered and etc.

Haven't tried them yet but they seem sturdy and much better for my slippers' projects than the old polystyrene lasts I have. Can't wait to try and might come back for more sizes.
Arrived earlier than expected...thank you. Amazing weight. Just what I needed!
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