Margilan gauze, silk

Margilan gauze, silk 100%, 90/100cm.

Weight: 0.03 kgs per item
19 item(s)
Price for 1 meter, 90cm wide. (1.1 yards long, 0.98yards wide)
This is the famous Margilan silk gauze. 
100% silk and natural.
Excellent quality, high-strength material. Perfect for felting scarves, stoles and other fine works that require gloss elegance and tenderness.
Gives a nice texture, especially when draping. Excellent dumped with different materials - wool, fiber fleece.
Can be dyed, preserving natural pearl luster.
Perfect for nuno felting scarves. 
Tax applicable only for EU countries.
Beautiful fabric! Will shortly be used for nuno felting. Nicely packaged by seller. Good delivery time. Happy buyer!
Beautiful, soft, arrived timely and very well packaged. The viscose was a bonus! Thank you so much!
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