wet felting tool

Wet felting tool, size 2, oak wood, oval.

Weight: 0.25 kg per item
2 item(s)
Wet felting tool. Handmade, from oak.
Solid, ready for work.

Size 10cm x 8cm  (4in x 3in)
Height 3.5cm  (1.5in)

Speeds up felting process and protects your hands.
Helps to smooth the edges and etc.
Очень понравился утюжек. Приятно держать в руке и удобно им работать. Большое спасибо!)
This is an amazing piece of workmanship for wet felting, at about a quarter of the prices I have seen. Absolutely thrilled!
Very nice wool. I hand carded some for a project, and it was great.
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