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Lavender oil, 100% natural. 10ml.

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Bulgarian lavender oil, 100% pure aromatic extract. Steam distilled. 10ml.

Keep away from children.

The range of the usefulness of lavender essential oil is so wide that we are forced to select only the main points and recommendations. For more detailed information, we urge you to apply to specialized medical sites.

Since we specialize in the production of wool for felting, lavender oil is primarily used as a aroma agent for the preservation wool and woolen items and deodorizing air in rooms and wardrobes. Widely used in handmade products, when creating individual cosmetics, soap making, flavored sachets and other gifts.

Lavender oil is universal! It has a mass of unique beneficial properties and must necessarily enter your home medicine box.

Lavender essential oil is used for all types of effects on the body, both internal and external means, with the help of aromatherapy, sprays, baths, inhalations, syringes, compresses and direct application to the skin.

It should be remembered about the strong chemical properties of essential oils and not to exceed the recommended doses and direct contact of pure, undiluted oil with mucous membranes.

One of the main advantages of this aroma oil is excellent compatibility with other base and essential oils. It is also worth noting that it can dissolve in ethanol, so it is widely used for medicinal purposes, adding to alcohol solution. Lavender oil is used for external and internal use.

One of the most powerful soothing essential oils! Has a very strong calming effect on the nervous system, so it is actively used in the treatment of sleep disorders, overexcitation, depression, neuroses, apathy;

It is one of the first essential oils used in aromatherapy as an antiseptic agent, which contributes to the rapid healing of wounds, burns, skin irritations, acne; Restores heart rhythm; Actively influences the work of all internal organs, bringing their functioning to a normal state; Excellent immunostimulant; Widely used in cosmetology.

Correct and safe dosages of application:

To optimize the consumption of the product and not to harm your own body, you should use the correct dosages:

  1. Aroma lamps: 5-7 drops per for the rooms about 10x16 ft.
  2. Hot inhalation: 1-3 drops, the duration of the procedure is 3-6 minutes.
  3. Cold inhalations: the duration is 5-7 minutes.
  4. Baths: 4-7 drops.
  5. Massage: 5 drops per 10 grams of transport oil.
  6. Enrichment of cosmetic preparations: 7 drops per 15 g of base.
  7. Warm compresses: 5-7 drops.
  8. Aroma-medallions: 2-3 drops.
  9. Douching: 3-4 drops drop on 1/2 teaspoons of soda or honey and diluted in 200 g of warm boiled water.
  10. Internal use: 1-2 drops in honey, jam, lemon, dried fruits 2 times a day. Drink with milk, kefir, juice, wine, tea



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