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Silk peeling glove

Peeling glove, 100% silk!

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Wonderful Peeling Exfoliating Glove 100% natural silk

Natural silk is a product that gathers the most delicate fibers by processing the cocoons of silkworms only with the help of water steam. Depending on the method of processing and interlacement of silk fibers we get fabrics with different structure and thickness. This Peeling glove is made from 100% natural silk and has a relief that helps for exfoliation of the accumulated layers of lifeless a nucleate keratinocytes on the corneous cells of the epidermis. Exfoliation contributes to remove the impurity of the skin and prevents the formation of comedones.

This peeling glove is recommended by the Union of Dermatologists and has proven action:
- replaces chemical peeling in a completely natural way, and cleans the skin pores and improves the access of oxygen to the skin;
- helps to smooth skin relief and increases the feeling of smoothness of the skin;
- erases unpleasant signs of aging skin(dry and stretched skin, wrinkles,dehydration) by removing surface cells and stimulates formation of new epidermis;
- helps for active penetration of the ingredients of action anti-cellulite creams and moisturizing creams;
- rehabilitates skin and obliterates visible signs of stretch marks and acne;
- protects from the appearance of dark spots on the skin resulting from the sun and in combination with sunscreen cream contributes to qualitative and more lasting tan;
- acts favorably before and after hair removal and helps for the correct growth of the hair;
This peeling glove is a natural and pure product, it can be your faithful partner in maintaining your skin clean, healthy, young and shining.

Instructions for use
- use after washing and softening the skin,the largest effect is obtained after sauna or Turkish bath;
- do not use shower gel, soap or other washing agents with the peeling glove - they reduce exfoliation action;
- massage on wet skin without pushing, but not under water;
- recommendable use: 1-2 times a week;
- do not use on irritated and very red skin;
- avoid cleaning the area around the eyes;
- this peeling glove is recommended for personal use;

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